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About McLeod’s Construction

McLeod’s Construction, Paint & Restoration LLC, are Certified and insured Florida General Contractors who work on Condo- HOA and commercial properties. Before moving to Lee County to begin our business in remodeling and home improvements. Owner, Lombardo McLeod, worked on the management and installation side of the home improvement business for over 15 years. Since moving to Southwest Florida we have developed a strong work ethic and knowledge of the trade. As a business owner and operator in the Lee County area, we bring that work ethic and expertise to every project.

McLeod’s Construction has done work in Sanibel, Captiva, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples and Punta Gorda, managing custom residential and commercial projects. Let us bring a professional approach to turning your vision into a reality. What sets us apart from most General Contractors is our dedication to doing things right the first time. You can rest assured knowing that we use only the highest quality materials and most knowledgeable, experienced staff to get the job done right.

Our Promise

We deliver superb quality and value to our clients every step of the way, and respect their wants, needs, time, and budget at all times. Our promise to you is simple: a finished product which exceeds your expectations and provides years of enjoyment.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse McLeod’s Construction, Paint & Restoration. They have just completed the project of painting our two story Clubhouse in Bonita Springs. Needless to say, I am very satisfied with the finish product. McLeod’s Construction has proven to be an exceptional accredited company that exceeds any expectations. Their employees are qualified individuals who seem to enjoy what they do because they do it with passion. The task progressed just as the specifications in the contract stated. They are reliable, consistent and cooperative. McLeod’s Construction is truly a company I recommend with the utmost confidence. I will absolutely use them for any future renovations.


                                                                Mitch Carter                                                              

Director of Facilities

Palmira Golf & Country Club

They have successfully completed several work projects in a highly professional manner, at very competitive costs and in timely fashion. During 2013 they completely painted the exteriors of the six four story buildings to Sherwin-Williams specifications. They have performed a myriad of other general repair and construction items ranging from replacing fire rated doors to screen replacements to minor other concrete repairs to window replacements and rain gutter repairs and improvements.

McLeod Construction, Paint & Restoration LLC is worthy of consideration for any general construction, painting, and repairs that may be needed.

Richard Cain, CAM
1st Choice Condo Management Services

McLeod’s Construction, Paint & Restoration LLC  completed a major overhaul of the walkway bridge crossing into Prosperity Point’s West Island. McLeod’s also completed the re-leveling of a bulkhead cap and railing above the West Lake.

I find Lombardo McLeod, owner of McLeod’s Construction to be very personable and easy to work with. He easily identifies potential issues and is quick to resolve them to the satisfaction of all involved. His responsiveness and efficiency is something I highly value in the vendors I work with. I also appreciate Lombardo’s willingness to take on the little job as well as the big job.

Janel Wisniewski, CAM
Alliant Association Management

As a Condominium and Homeowners Association Manager, I cannot express to you how important it is that Associations contract with reputable and reliable contractors for each and every service needed for their Community.

When a Community that I manage contracts with McLeod’s Construction, Paint & Restoration LLC, the Board Members never have to be concerned about the outcome of the project. When McLeod’s makes a commitment to a customer, they stand by it. I highly recommend them to you. They do impeccable work in a professional and courteous manner.

McLeod’s has worked for Communities that I manage from the simplest task to tasks that require great detail. Each and every time, the outcome was always positive. I look forward to working with them in the future on another project.

Sherry Nassoiy
President, Cornerstone Association Management, Inc

It was my pleasure to have worked with Lombardo McLeod at the Esplanade Condominium Association, where I was Director and President. During my 6 years working with Mr. McLeod, he corrected many construction errors and omissions left to us by the bankrupt developer.

Lombardo and his crew tackled and solved many roof and window leaks other contractors couldn’t even find, they also corrected some serious elevator pit concrete problems. In addition, his crew power washed, water proofed, and painted 6-4 story buildings containing a total of 60 units. Lombardo and his crew received many well deserved compliments from our owners and neighboring associations.

Because of the success of the Esplanade project in Burnt Store Marina, McLeod’s Construction, Paint & Restoration LLC has successfully worked with several other surrounding associations.

McLeod’s Construction, Paint & Restoration LLC worked promptly, with high consideration for the owners. Many of the residents where so impressed with McLeod’s workmanship, they hired them to complete repairs in their homes as well.

I have no hesitation in recommending McLeod’s Construction for painting, construction or restoration projects.

David Mowry    

President Emeritus – Esplanade Condo. Association at Burnt Store Marina

We are the Board who represent the thirty two owners of the Manor I Condominium Association, a three-story building in Kelly Greens In Fort Myers, FL. We write this letter of recommendation about McLeod’s Construction, Paint & Restoration.

In the Spring of 2019, one of our 2nd floor owners reported that he was experiencing leakage problems on the ceiling of his lanai from the unit above. Our Management company arranged for that specific problem to be addressed. However, we were not particularly impressed bu the workmanship in that repair.

A few of our Board members had attended board member certification training at the Florida South Western State College where they heard a presentation by Lombardo McLeod on the impacts of spalling on the buildings in our area. After our experience in 2019 we decided to contact Mr. McLeod.

At no cost to us, he came out and assessed our building. As we walked the perimeter of the building together he pointed out conditions which evidenced several areal of current spalling and others which were developing. We discussed a budget for doing the repairs and remediation work. He submitted a proposal which, after negotiations, we accepted. We also set a not-to-exceed figure.

McLeod’s crew first sealed adjoining and neighboring unites. They then did a detaling, in-depth assessment of each of our 2nd & 3rd floor units. Damage was more extensive in a few of the units and other problems also came to light as the work proceeded. The company employs an on-line system which allowed our Board as individuals to review daily construction/progress notes and photos. We as Board also had weekly teleconference calls with Mr. McLeod and Eric who managed our particular project. We all learned a lot about spalling and remediation from these calls.

Given the weather and additional damage which was uncovered as the work progressed, our project took approximately two months to complete, somewhat longer than originally anticipated. We also added enhancements to the contract to benefit our owners. Throughout the process, the McLeod staff were neat, organized, and thoroughly professional. As an example of their willingness to go “above & beyond.”  There was situation where one of our owners who had recently been released from the hospital following surgery fell and was unable to get up off the floor. Having been made aware of the man’s problem, the workers immediately dropped what they were doing and rushed to his aid.

Once the work was complete, McLeod employees vacuumed the units and left everything neat and orderly. Mr. McLeod also provided a & year warranty on his work.  And best of all, the final price, including the additional work we added and the extra time and material needed to repair the major spalling problems identified, came in UNDER our budget and not-to-exceed figure.

In short, we cannot say enough about the quality of the work and professionalism of McLeod’s Construction, Paint & Restoration and it’s owner Lombardo McLeod!

Kelly Greens Manor I Condominium Association, Inc. Board

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